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We’re Dr. JC and Theres Anderson!

We opened Lifetime Weight Loss, Greenwood on July 5, 2017, after personally experiencing success with the program. Dr. JC retired from Chiropractic after over 30 years in practice and the transition from Chiropractic into weight loss was smooth because it was something we both felt passionate about and wanted to share with others.


Obesity is the root of many serious health problems and attributes to millions of dollars spent on health care each year. Not to mention how being over weight affects an individual mentally, emotionally and even socially. Theres had felt the guilt, shame and frustration that comes along with being overweight. She, like many people, had tried various popular diets and failed to lose the weight. But she has now lost over 50 pounds through this program and has embraced this new healthy lifestyle in order to keep the weight off permanently. It has been a joy to help our clients lose weight and take back control of their health.

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Lifetime Weight Loss is a doctor-supervised program that combines Chirothin natural dietary formulas with specific amounts of anti-inflammatory/low glycemic index foods that help your body convert stored fat into energy, boosting your metabolism. This program is simple, personal, objective, and most importantly, IT WORKS! There are no bars, shakes or expensive pre-packaged foods and it is not exercise dependent.


Your health is more than a number on a scale.


We implement the Body Composition Analysis at each follow up visit to monitor BMI, body fat %, hydration, visceral fat and much more.

We also utilize DNA testing to help you understand your macro nutrients and healthy behavior tendencies, and decide the best form of exercise for you according to your fast and slow twitch fibers. All of these tools will help you lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF! 

The last key to the success of Lifetime Weight Loss, is ACCOUNTABILITY! We will walk this journey with you as you learn a new, healthy lifestyle and reach your weight loss goals.

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